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Your marketing strategy may have been effective a few years back, but time stands still for no marketer and neither should your approach to generating new business. Taking the time to review and revise your game plan for bringing new clients to your door will reap valuable rewards.

If any of the following resonates a little too much, you will benefit from the methods, tips and advice contained in this eBook.


Let’s look at the symptoms that mean your strategy is far from healthy:

  1. Symptom one: your website is not delivering enough leads. An ‘online brochure’ is not enough to pull in the amount of leads that they need. Putting new content on your website on a regular basis has several, immediate benefits.
  2. Symptom two: your web traffic is flatlining. Even if you are regularly adding new content to your website, if it is not compelling enough or easily found, your web traffic will flatline and require emergency treatment.
  3. Symptom three: you have not defined your ideal buyer. If you do not understand who wants to buy from you, you will not be able to sell to them. Developing distinct buyer personas, based on research from your teams and current clients is absolutely key to creating a strategy that drives sales.
  4. Symptom four: you do not have a lead target goal. It is almost certain that you need a lot more leads than you realise to hit the sales targets you have set. Developing a clear idea of how many leads you need to achieve your sales targets helps you understand your sales funnel.
  5. Symptom five: you are “turning off” your customers. The buyers of today understand so much more than before and knowledge truly is power when procuring new services. That is why 81% of buyers prefer to conduct their own research rather than being cold called and sold to. If your marketing techniques are still focused on what is known as ‘outbound methods’ then you are missing a great opportunity.

If any of these issues resonate with you, then download the eBook here:

Lead Generation Handbook (eBook)