Why your ‘brochure’ website might not be generating leads

Brochures small

Whilst the majority of businesses are now fully on-board with the idea of having a website, they still struggle with making websites work hard enough for them.  They are sticking with the literal interpretation of ‘web page’ – a page of a brochure designed for the web. A ‘brochure’ won’t get you the sales you need to grow, however. Why? Here are the 4 reasons your online brochure website could be selling you short.

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The new norm of selling B2B Services

Sales growth

A few years ago, I conducted research into how clients buy facilities management services and a major conclusion from the research was that buyers of B2B services don’t want to be “sold-to. These days, buyers control the purchasing process now far more than ever before.  So what does this mean for the role of the sales process? How can you sell to someone that doesn’t want to be sold to?

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